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Enhance your job skills or start a new career through Professional Development Training with Nathaniel Peat

Nathaniel has delivered hundreds of seminars and  training sessions internationally for professionals and young people alike which has helped individuals unlock their potential and enhance their career and personal goals through personal and professional development. 

Nathaniel’s results-oriented programs, workshops and seminars focus on the specific needs of adult learners. He is a seasoned professional and highly qualified subject matter experts with inside business experience and insight to guide and develop.

With an ever changing continual professional work environment, preparing yourself and organisation with proficiencies is a critical and smart strategy to earn greater income and growth professionally. 

Upskill your professionalism and business's workforce by:

  • Identifying and closing critical skills gaps
  • Upskill and reskill your employees or yourself to stay current in the existing role
  • Create succession planning by preparing the next generation of workers, managers, leaders and talent-potentials
  • Customize tailored training programs designed to meet your companies  specific needs

Some of the topics include:

  • Creating and retaining a Diverse workforce  
  • Managing and Motivating Teams effectively
  • Understanding Neurodiversity
  • Overcoming your fear of Speaking
  • Unlocking your potential
  • Creating a Positive Personal Brand
  • Making the Transition from University to Work
  • Building Successful Networks and Relationships
  • Overcoming the fear of speaking and making presentations
  • How to Professionally Network
  • Conflict resolution in the workplace
  • Professional Development and Leadership
  • Professional Speaking
  • How to pivot an organisation into purposeful business  

Nathaniel provides a variety of training/educational modalities including webinars, lectures, seminars and on-line courses.