Nathaniel working with his partners runs 3 main business training programs and also offers speaker training and one-to-one business mentorship.

1. The Idea Into a Reality 

2. Start Up to Scale Up

3. Stronger, Better and Faster - Business Booster

4. Overcoming Your Fear of Speaking

5. One-to-One Business Mentorship 


All business mentees are provided with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their personal and professional development. Through these training programs you will be provided an opportunity to do the hard work needed to enhance and succeed in business.

The programs are designed for 3 different types:

1. The person who has an idea and wants to start a business.

2. The Start Up that wants to increase cash flow and visibility.

3. The business that requires a boost, needs to scale up, increase profitability and possibly even pitch for investment.

"The Idea Into A Reality", "Start Up, Scale Up" and "Stronger, Better, Faster" programs run for 6 - 8 weeks, they are very intensive programs and require full commitment from all participants.

Within the programs you will learn the key factors that can help you to successfully start up, scale up or boost your business enabling you to earn that extra income you have always desired or turn that burning idea into a reality. 

The programs provide a real step-by-step guide on how to turn your idea into a reality or scale the company up. 

You will complete the program with a better go to market strategy, good sales strategy, effective action plan, pitch perfect pitching skills, excellent industry knowledge, market information, PR and promotional skills and the knowledge of how to obtain proper sourcing of finance to drive your business and succeed. 


The training programs, uses a hands on practical approach and is designed for people that have an idea or a business but do not know how to scale it or move it forward to achieve the types of profits needed to be fully self-employed. 

The program is run either distant learning or in the classroom, all mentees have the opportunity to "field test" networking, marketing and pitching their ideas. 

Program Outcomes  

  • Facilitate the opportunity for mentees to network at events, share their knowledge and experiences and be creative together.  
  • Measurably increase the enterprise skills of people wanting to start business.   
  • Involve teamwork, action and Business plan development, presentation skills, public speaking, problem-solving and one-on-one interaction, writing press releases.  
  • Allow participants to acquire valuable knowledge to develop their entrepreneurial skills   
  • The programs enable support organisations to connect with program entrepreneurs to share issues and create a better understanding of what entrepreneurs need and what practical support is on offer.     
  • Follow-ups is a vital component of the program series. Each participant will have the opportunity to still maintain connected to other mentees and Nathaniel post the program conclusion based on terms of agreement being met.   

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One-To-One Business Mentorship *

Once inviduals complete one of the courses listed above there maybe the need for continual support. The One-to-One mentorship enables you to tailor make the support to meet your direct needs as a business, it also incorporates life coaching to maximise your potential as an individual. 

(* Nathaniel does not take on more than 3 mentees at time)